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Hotel - Ristorante
Torre Bennistra
Via N. Roma 19
Tel: 0924 541128
Fax: 0924 541233

The Restaurant

One of the great strengths of Torre Bennistra is the 100 cover family run restaurant. Its typical Sicilian cooking, boasts old and renowned traditional cuisine, rich with recipes handed down through the family, characterised by the freshness of the local ingredients and the distinct taste of the home produced extra virgin olive oil.

These fine typical dishes from the hors d’oeuvre to the desert, have always been much appreciated, not only by the many visitors but also amongst the specialist guides such as the Michelin. Always fresh, fish has pride of place on the menu. 

Often caught by the owner of the hotel, its freshness and quality is guaranteed. Sometimes it is even possible for the hotel guests to go on a fishing trip and immediately afterwards enjoy the deliciously prepared catch served in the restaurant. 

The wine cellar offers a choice of the many Sicilian D.O.C. wines in particular the wines of the Palermo and Trapani regions.

The Lentini family warmly invite our guests to taste the high quality of the cooking and judge it for themselves.


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